Thank you for joining me for dinner.

Welcome to my blog site. I’m new to this. It’s nothing fancy, nor are the pictures and notes I will be adding, it’s just home cooked food from my little kitchen. Cooking is something I really enjoy, which is handy, as I have a boyfriend and child relying on me! Maybe I’ve built my part up a bit there, they aren’t relying on me, but they would be living on constant fry-up’s and bowl fulls of Jaffa Cakes, respectively.

Some of the meals on here are just for the three of us (or two of us, depending on how fussy the small person is being), and others are for friends. I will also try and include some short stories on eateries, history of recipes, foodie traditions, some kitchen experiments, and so on.

So thank you for joining me, and I hope you will enjoy the pictures, recipes and stories as they (slowly, so bear with me) unravel.


My Little Bites




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